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Things to know before scheduling a Meet & Greet

small (4B)Hey there Pet Parents!

We want to be a good match for you and your pets. We love your business, but if we are not the right fit, we will gladly give referrals.  Your pet’s well being and appropriate care regimen is of the utmost importance to us.

We set up our Meet & Greet after you set up your account with us. We do this because we do charge a one time fee for this service.

Once you create your Precise Petcare Profile, you will automatically recieve our welcome email. Complete with an easy to-do checklist for you, to help make this process a breeze.
When you create your login, you are required to click and agree to our terms in conditions, as they are presented in our contract.
Please take a moment to read our contract terms and conditions by clicking here. 

We will send this complete contract for you to esign via email, after your Precise Petcare profile is complete.

Scheduling a Meet & Greet

Pick a date & time that works best for you and request your Meet & Greet through the online system.

One of our awesome sitters will reach out witin 24-72 hours to confirm the Meet & Greet date & time with you.
*Due to the overwhelming changes from the pandemic, our sitter’s availability can be extremely limited. Please know we do our best to care for all the clients that call on us, but last minute service requests may not be possible. Please plan ahead for trips and extended leave services.

We do Meet & Greets in person and you meet your main sitter!
Your main sitter will be your point of contact.
Please be sure to always make service requests through the Precise Petcare booking system.
There is a whole team of us and we all help take care of your critters if your main sitter is unavailable. However, we no longer guarantee coverage for every service you request. Please know you will be advised if there are services we can not cover. We do our best, but it can happen from time to time.



1) Your sitter will go over any questions or concerns you may have.

2) Your sitter will cover general pet related items (feeding time/treat time/potty places/etc.) and other house related items.

3) Your sitter will verify Veterinarian & Medical Information in your profile is correct. Along with other pertinent information such as: emergency contacts, pet insurance ID, emergency action plan(s), etc.

4) Your sitter will make sure all other information is updated on the Precise Petcare Profile.

5) Your sitter will obtain 2 Keys, per our Key Handling Agreement. 
Keys are picked up and tagged by your sitter at the meet & greet.
*If we can not get the correct amount of key copies at the Meet & Greet, we do charge a Key Fee.
If applicable, we set-up our lock box with one of the keys provided, on the entry door we are designated to use.
playful kitty (4B)*We normally ask for 2 copies, so that one may be stored for our emergency action plan. Please see our Lock Box & Key Handling Agreement page in our contract, for any exemptions to this system.

6) Payment. We like to make it easy. Stripe is the payment software, encrypted into our system.
You simply add the credit card into your profile and you’re done. Simple. Safe. Secure.
There is a 3% prosessing fee added to each invoice, not included in the rates provided.

We debit the invoice for your Meet & Greet, the day after service.
All other services will be invoiced and auto debited before services are rendered.

*We no longer accept checks and we only accept cash as gratuity, not for services rendered.
Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for understanding.