Rates provided do NOT include sales tax and associated processing fees. 

Potty Break

Length of Visit: 10 minutes

Price: $20

What’s Included: Strictly potty business, no meds, no meals. This is an additional service, if needed, to our overnight services.

Pets: Dogs


Cats & Critters

Length of Visit: 30 minutes

Price: $30

What’s Included: Mealtime, Rx Administered, playtime, and clean-up! 

Pets: All Pets, except Dog Kids


Vacation Service Options: 

EFFECTIVE March 1st, 2022
Some service rates may vary, due to our system software change.
For our dog kids, we will continue to only provide overnight services, with mid day breaks, for your sitting requests. We highly recommend reaching out to Paws Pet Care, LouPetville or Fur & Feathers, for your multiple-daily service, dog sitting needs.
EFFECTIVE April 1st, 2022
It’s no joke, our walking service will be returning!
We will have a whole team of walkers ready to help cover your dog walking needs. Thanks for your understanding as we grow through these changes.
-DCCS Team


Overnight Service Options:

Oaks – 10 hours (9pm – 7am) … $91

Derby – 12 hours (7pm – 7am) … $121

What’s Included: Mealtime, medications administered, potty time, playtime, walk and cleanup
*Sitter stays throughout the duration of the service time.

Pets: All Pets

Hotel Pet Sitting

Length of Visit: Hour Service booking that can be setup for 4 consecutive hour time blocks, if requested.

Price: $40 1 Hour OR $150 for 4 Hours

What’s Included: Playtime, feeding and tons of TLC!

Pets: All Pets in one room.




Devoted Care When You’re Not There!
Pets stay home… We come to them!