ready to go (3B)Any Pooch Parent knows that their best friend needs a potty break. Especially when they can’t be there! That is why we have made it an affordable, and a convenient service for our dog parents!

Working longer hours or just want the peace of mind that your furry friend is getting a much-needed break?
Our potty break service is the right choice! This service is 10 minutes.


NOTE: NO Rx Administration during these visits. Your Sitter needs to be present for a decent duration of time, to assess your furry friend before, during and after administration. Just in case, any issues/adverse effects may arise – we want to be there to help! Please check out our Basic Break, if your pooch needs medications administered.         


What’s Included:

  • POTTY TIME (First and Foremost)
  • Zoomies unleashed!

  • Refresh Water Bowl(s)
  • Check for any Accidents or Messes & Tidy up
    *Cleaners, towels, etc… to be provided by pet parent
  • Treats Given (only those provided by pet parent)
  • Picture/Notes Emailed
  • Gather Mail


Devoted Care When You’re Not There!
Pets stay home… We come to them!