If you are trying to thrive in the pet-sitting business, it is important to pay attention to several trends that are in focus in 2023. Pet sitters need to work on their methods and services and ensure they are a good match for the competitors. Moreover, it is important to establish an online presence on the market as the pet-sitting industry is getting bigger each day. Here are some news and trends to keep an eye out for.  

Top Pet Care Trends for 2023 


The pet care industry is experiencing several trends in 2023. 

Firstly, there is a growing emphasis on pet wellness, with more pet owners investing in proactive, preventative wellness programs to keep their pets healthier and happier. Preventive healthcare includes veterinary evaluations, nutrition recommendations, dental care, vaccinations, and the prevention of heartworm, fleas, and ticks.

Secondly, enrichment toys are gaining popularity, especially for dogs. As more people work from home, these interactive toys provide mental and physical stimulation for pets when they are alone.

Thirdly, new pet food types are emerging to cater to individual pet needs. Pet food companies are offering tailored products for better physical and mental well-being. It’s important to consult with a veterinarian to determine the best diet for a pet based on factors like breed, age, lifestyle, and health condition.

Lastly, pet travel is on the rise, with a higher demand for pet-friendly hotels and establishments. Some hotels and restaurants are even offering dedicated menus for pets. Additionally, dog-friendly workplaces and “bring your dog to work” days are becoming more common as organizations aim to attract employees.

Overall, these trends highlight the increasing focus on pet health, well-being, and integration into everyday life.

Establishing Pet Sitting Rates in 2023 


The article “2023 Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Rates: The Definitive Guide to Establishing Your Fees” offers a comprehensive guide for pet sitting and dog walking businesses to determine to price for their services. 

It emphasizes the importance of defining services, setting revenue goals, researching competition rates, and calculating expenses. The guide provides average rates for dog walking, pet sitting, and overnight stays in different states as a starting point for research. It also highlights the increased expenses in 2023, such as rising gas prices, inflation, and employee retention costs. 

The article suggests using pet-sitting software like Easy Busy Pets to simplify service management and save time. It concludes by emphasizing the need to offer reasonable pricing, provide value to customers, and evaluate client fit with business goals. 

Overall, it serves as a valuable resource for businesses in the pet-sitting and dog-walking industry to establish successful pricing strategies.

The Importance of Pet Sitting Insurance 


The article provides a comprehensive guide to pet sitter insurance in 2023. It explains the importance of insurance for pet sitters and dog walkers, as starting a pet-sitting business involves inherent risks. 

Pet Sitting Insurance helps transfer the risk to an insurance carrier, who charges a premium to reduce the potential financial burden for specific acts and events. The article discusses the coverage provided by pet sitter insurance, including general liability, bonding, and additional coverage options. It emphasizes the importance of being bonded to protect clients from theft or property damage. 

The article also highlights the role of professional associations like the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) and provides information on popular pet-sitting insurance providers. 

It concludes by addressing the cost of pet sitter insurance, encouraging pet sitters to invest in insurance to protect their businesses and gain a competitive edge.

Pet Holidays and Observances That Are Important for The Pet Sitting Business 


Pet Sitters International (PSI) is the world’s leading educational organization for professional pet sitters. Established in 1994, PSI offers resources and support to individuals pursuing a career in pet sitting. They provide certification courses, contracts, forms, and educational materials to help pet sitters enhance their skills and knowledge.

In addition to educational programs, PSI also promotes various pet-related holidays and observances throughout the year. These celebrations range from National Train Your Dog Month in January to Adopt a Senior Pet Month in November. They encourage pet sitters to promote these events on their social media platforms, providing social media images for download.

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