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critter care contract (5A)

alarms:keys (4H) ALARMS

Alarm, Gate & Garage Codes will need to be provided on the client’s profile, so that our sitter(s) may be able to gain access to the house, to provide care.

It is important to make sure codes are clearly marked on your PetSitClick Profile.

WE want to be able to gain access, provide care and leave your house secure when we depart. And above all, not set off any alarms!

You may also choose to leave you alarm system off and not provide your code. The choice is clearly up to you as a client, but do know the confidential information you provide, can only be seen by Derby City Critter Sitters, and no one else. The safety and security of all pets we care for, is our #1 priority!


As mentioned on the meet & greet page, 2 Keys are requested in our Key Handling Agreement.

These key(s) are the main form of entrance; the sitter will use, to enter the residence.

~WE ask for 2 copies, so that one may be stored in our safe, for emergency purposes or in the event that two sitters are needed to cover all the visits requested.

Key Returns, as stated in the Key Handling Agreement:

I understand that if I decide that if at any time I’d prefer to have my key returned at the last visit of my service, I will leave a note on the first day of service. This note will include the message “Pet Sitter – Leave Key on ”, the date and time of the last scheduled visit, and instructions on how to secure my home while leaving the key. I understand that the pet sitter will not be able to access my house again after the pet sitter has left the key, including in the case of emergencies or delays in my return. Key return at the last visit of service is free.

Derby City Critter Sitters is willing to exchange keys via drop off or pick up. Key transfer, if requested, as “drop off”, will be a charge of $15, if not requested at the end of sitter services.

This request must be confirmed by my pet sitter, and by submitting this request, I agree to all terms as stated.

4 turtles (4D)Terms as they are stated in our Contract:

 Service Fees/ Reservations/Cancellation Policies:

  • A signed Service Request must be provided to your sitter before service is provided for any period.
  • There is a $5 Surcharge to every service booked on National & Local Holidays.
  •  Unpaid service may be cancelled without notice, including prior to or during the service period.
  • Deposit (in full) is due at time of reservation, for vacation services. Reservations are not held until payment is received by DerbyCityCritterSitters or both parties, in writing, agree upon special arrangements. A $5 per visit late charge will be assessed to service that are not paid in advance.
  •  VACATION SERVICES: Cancellation Charge Schedule effective 2014,
    (% applies to entire service period total):
  • 0 – 23 hours prior to any service, and/or Holidays: 50% of service total is due (equals a 50% refund)
  •  24-48 hours prior to service: 20% of service total is due (equals an 80% refund)
  •  48+ hours prior to service: No charge, refund in full.
  • Reservations are made to plan sitter availability to clients. Therefore, clients returning home early will be required to pay for the reserved amount of time scheduled. Clients will not have to pay for scheduled Special Services not performed.
  • DAILY SERVICES: Pre-Paid, Daily Visit Packages are Non-Refundable.
    All visits must be redeemed, within 3 months, from the date of purchase.
  • Daily services will be invoiced weekly, on Sunday evening, for the preceding Monday- Sunday.
  • Daily Service Cancellation Policy: In order to not be charged, for last minute cancellations, clients must do the following: cancel or reschedule, prior to next day service, by 10PM (night before service) with a call/text/email, or the visit will be marked complete and client will be charged for the visit. *Emergencies (of a serious nature) are taken into consideration, but ultimately DerbyCityCritterSitters reserves the right to charge for services, not cancelled in a timely manner, as set forth in the terms above. We thank you, in advance, for your courteous communication and understanding of our cancellation policy.


Sorry, we no longer accept Checks.  
We have set up an easy process for our clients, to make payments, using CHASE Quick Pay!

If you need to make a payment click here. A link to make a payment, will always be present on your Invoice Email. If there is a error or concern, please let up know. Thank you.

We Set-up CHASE Quick Pay Services, on our Meet & Greet Visit!

  • This is free to both parties and easy to use!
  • Payment is to be collected, in full, before services are rendered.
  • There is a $5 Surcharge to every service booked on National & Local Holidays.
  • If choosing to pay by Cash, this form of payment will be collected at the Meet & Greet Visit, for Vacation Services or on the First Visit, for Daily/Weekly Services, by Vivian.


During or directly after, the initial meet & greet visit, an invoice will be generated and emailed to the contact email, given and associated with the client’s login information, on our pet sitter’s software.

For Vacation Services, this email will serve as a receipt to services reserved and paid for in advance.

For Daily/Weekly Services, this email will serve as a bill, to be paid on the date of our first service. If paid in advance, this email will serve as a receipt.

Daily services will be invoiced weekly, on Sunday evening, for the preceding Monday- Sunday. For clients who have purchased pre-paid visit packages.

*If there are any questions about cancellations, reservations, surcharges, etc… please see Cancellations Page, under Pawlicies Tab. Or contact us at

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