Some pooches have separation anxiety; some need extra potty breaks, while other critters just need human comfort and their medicine multiple times a day.

Whatever the reason or whatever the need, our dog sitters will be there to provide tender loving care, to ALL your critters, ALL through the night!

10 Hour Visit


9pm – 7am

12 Hour Visit


7pm – 7am

What’s Included

  • Inital Potty Break for Dogs

  • Refill Water & Food Bowl for All Critters

  • Treats Given (only those provided)

  • Clean up Accidents & Tidy up

  • Evening Potty Breaks and Morning Potty Breaks

  • Quality Time

  • Administer Medication

  • Picture/Notes Emailed

  • Gather Mail

Pets Love Us, Humans Trust Us

Professional pet sitting services in the
comfort of their own home.