Dog (3D)This luxury service is specifically and especially catered to pets that simply need more quality time!

Some pooches have separation anxiety; some need extra potty breaks, while other critters just need human comfort and their medicine multiple times a day. Whatever the reason or whatever the need, our sitters will be there to provide tender loving care, to ALL your critters, ALL through the night!

This service is particularly feasible, for pet parents that have many pets or pets with special needs.

We are the best choice for you!  


Care we provide:chipmunk w: coffee (3D)

  • Initial Potty Break for Pooches
  • Mealtimes: Evening and Morning, for ALL Critters
  • Refresh & Refill ALL Water Bowl(s)
  • Treats (provided by pet parent)
  • Clean & Tidy Up Time
  • Evening Potty Breaks and Morning Potty Breaks
  • Playtime, Snuggle time, Walks or any other Activities, as Requested
  • Pictures/Notes Emailed
  • Rx Administration
  • Gather Mail
  • Take trash out
  • Water Plants
  • Turn lights on/off
  • Rotate Blinds, etc…


Overnight Options:

The OAKS Overnight – 10 hours (9pm – 7am)

The DERBY Overnight – 12 hours (7pm – 7am)

cat relaxing (3D)

Devoted Care When You’re Not There!
Pets stay home… We come to them!