Hey There, Pet Parents!

We want to be a good match for you and your pets. We would love your business, but if we are not the right fit, we will gladly give referrals. Your pet’s wellbeing and appropriate care regimen is of the utmost importance to us.

We set up our Meet & Greet after you set up your account within our pet sitting software Precise Petcare. We do this because we do charge a one-time fee for this service.

After creating your account, you will automatically receive our welcome email. Included is an easy to-do checklist for completing your online profile, to help make this process a breeze.

Once you online profile is complete, you will receive an email containing our complete contract to e-sign.

Scheduling a Meet & Greet

What Happens During the Meet & Greet

Pets Love Us, Humans Trust Us

Professional pet sitting services in the
comfort of their own home.