When humans spend all day at work, pups wait patiently for playtime.

Visiting one of the 10 best dog parks in Louisville, KY is the best way to show your pup some love and attention while providing them with a safe and playful environment.

Before you take your pup to the park, be sure they are old enough to play safely. This is typically over 4 months of age.

All dogs should be free of any injuries, up to date on their vaccinations, and have been spayed or neutered.

Most dogs are energetic, friendly and pleasant, and ready to play. However, if your pup is overly aggressive or still learning how to behave, keep them out of the park until they are taught to play nice with others to keep everyone safe.

1. PG&J’s Dog Park Bar: If you love beer almost as much as you love your dog, this is the place for you. Louisville’s first indoor/outdoor off-leash dog park and bar is a great place to unwind and relax.

Come on over after work, or use our workspace tables to get some work done without those puppy eyes waiting for attention. Enjoy a range of beverages including craft beer from local and regional breweries with 12 rotating taps so you can always try something new. Your pup gets to enjoy an off-leash playdate with their other furry friends supervised by our staff of Bark Rangers.

If you don’t have your own furry friend, but you want to come to hang out with other people’s dogs – humans are free!

Address: 800 Baxter Avenue, Louisville, KY 40204
Website: www.pgjdogbar.com
Hours: 12PM to 10PM
Cost: $10 or membership options available

2. Sawyer Dog Park: Sawyer Dog Park was our community’s first official off-leash dog park. Today, it is a gigantic six-acre park divided into separate two-acre areas: one for small dogs (dogs under 30 pounds) and two for all bigger dogs. All basic amenities including drinking water, benches, and poop bag stations are available.

With your membership to the Louisville Dog Run Association, you have unlimited access to enjoy the grassy play area, beautiful shade, and plenty of puppy paradise space.

Address: 3000 Freys Hill Road 40241
Website: https://wagwalking.com/lifestyle/parks/sawyer-dog-park-at-tom-sawyer-park
Hours: 6AM – 10PM
Cost: Annual LDRA membership required

3. Vettiner Dog Run: Conveniently located at the Vettiner Park in Louisville, the Vettiner Dog Run is an off-leash park for pets of all sizes to enjoy. The park is divided into two sections, one for pups up to 30 pounds and one area for larger furry friends. All sections are securely fenced with shoulder-high chain-link fencing to accommodate even the biggest dogs.

There is some shade, but the majority of the park is completely open. Water fountains are available, but you must bring your own poop bags. As part of LDRA, membership is required, but you can access a one-day trial pass by visiting the LDRA website before your visit.

Address: 5550 Charlie Vettiner Park Rd 40299
Website: https://wagwalking.com/lifestyle/parks/vettiner-dog-run-at-louisville-metro-park
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset
Cost: Annual LDRA membership required

4. Old Louisville Dog Run: This is a beautiful area where you can enjoy both a leashed walk and open play with your four-legged friends. Toonerville Trolley Park is a treat for both pet owners and pups themselves.

There is a paved walkway through beautiful gardens and playgrounds that offers a great two-acre stroll. Next, the off-leash area features two fenced spaces to let loose and cool off with a kiddy pool, grassy area, and plenty of space to play. Water and doggy bags are provided in both areas.

Address: 218 Oak St. Louisville, KY 40203
Website: https://wagwalking.com/lifestyle/parks/old-louisville-dog-run
Hours: Open 24 hours
Cost: Annual LDRA membership required

5. Club K9 Dog Bar: If your pup prefers a more pampered experience, this is the place for you. Club K9 boasts over 7,000 sq ft of temperature-controlled space for your pup to roam.

The space is heated in the winter, cooled in the summer, and provides everything for even the most spoiled pets. This four-season park includes a separate small dog area, a splash pad and pool for the summer months, and even a dog wash station to clean up before you head home.

For the humans, enjoy a full-service bar, rotating food trucks, and sports TVs on the patio. Rotating food trucks frequent the area to grab a bite to eat if you get hungry.

Address: 9316 Taylorsville Rd. Louisville, KY 40299
Website: www.louisvilledogbar.com
Hours: 4 PM – 10 PM weekdays, 12 PM – 10 PM weekends
Cost: $10.75 per day, $40 per month or $300 per year for the first dog, discounts for subsequent dogs.

6. Morton Avenue Dog Park: This three-acre park is free to the public and cared for by local businesses and the patrons who use it. There are basic amenities including water stations, poop bags, plenty of tables and chairs, along with a large selection of community toys for the dogs to share.

There are lots of trees around, so the park stays shaded in the summertime. Because the surface is wood chips, it can get muddy during wet weather, so be prepared with towels for a bit of cleanup before you head home. but the focus here is on a free place for pups to play. It is located right next to a children’s playground and elementary school.

Address: 1548 Morton Ave, Louisville, KY 40204
Website: Facebook @ Morton Street Free Dog Park (facebook.com)
Hours: Open 24 hours
Cost: FREE

7. Elizabeth Cleland Cauley Dog Park: Take the entire family out for the day at Wendell Moore Park and enjoy a leash-free dog park with amenities that appeal to everyone. The 107-acre family-friendly Wendell Moore Park is considered one of the hidden gem parks of Oldham County.

Enjoy frisbee golf, horseshoes, tennis courts, picnic areas, and the John W. Black Community and Aquatic Centers. The Elizabeth Cleland Cauley Dog Park has two fully fenced play spaces for dogs to enjoy with both doggo runs and open space. Bring along drinking water and some cleanup bags but bathrooms are available for the public to use at Wendell Moore park.

Address: 1551 Hwy 393, La Grange, KY 40031
Website: https://wagwalking.com/lifestyle/parks/elizabeth-cleland-cauley-dog-park
Hours: Sunrise – Sunset
Cost: Annual LDRA membership required

8. The Barklands at Floyds Fork: The Parklands is one of the largest donor-and visitor-supported public park systems in the country.

Barklands is located next to the Egg Lawn and provides ample space for dogs to play and roam. This off-leash is divided into three one-acre zones — one zone for large dogs, one for smaller dogs, and one used only on a rotating basis to maintain the turf properly.

Visitors love the shady areas, and convenient location, and come home without the muddy mess. While the park is open year-round, the water fountains turn off during the winter.

Address: Beckley Creek Parkway Louisville, KY 40245
Website: The Barklands | The Parklands of Floyds Fork
Hours: Sunrise – Sunset
Cost: Annual LDRA membership required

9. Cochran Hill Dog Run at Cherokee Park: This private park offers two large fenced-in areas for dogs of all sizes to play.

There is plenty of shade, seating, and restrooms for the humans to enjoy while the puppies have ample space to play. While the majority of the park is dirt, there are water stations with hoses to clean off your pup before you head home.
Address: 745 Cochran Hill Road, Louisville, KY 40206
Website: https://wagwalking.com/lifestyle/parks/cochran-hill-dog-run-at-cherokee-park
Hours: Open 24 hours
Cost: Annual LDRA membership required

10. Waverly Dog Run: The Waverly Park Dog Run is located within the beautiful 297-acre Waverly Park including woodlands, a scenic lake, a creek, and trails. The off-leash area is past the lake and nestled in the woods, and is approximately an acre and a half. It is not divided, so it’s important that your pup is comfortable with other dogs of all kinds.

While dogs love the trees and woodsy environment, it can get muddy so it’s important to bring towels for cleanup. The rest of the park, including the lake, is pet-friendly as long as your dog is kept on a leash outside of the dog run. When visiting Waverly, be sure to bring water and clean-up bags; these things are not provided for visitors.

Address: 4800 Waverly Park Road, Louisville, KY 40214
Website: https://wagwalking.com/lifestyle/parks/waverly-dog-park
Hours: 6 AM to 10 PM
Cost: Annual LDRA membership required

Find Your Dog’s Favorite

Many of the dog parks in and around Louisville, KY are managed by the Louisville Dog Run Association (LDRA). You can find more information on membership and applications here.

No matter where you visit, always remember that dog parks aren’t puppy babysitting, all dogs should be accompanied and supervised by an adult owner or handler with no more than three dogs under their supervision at one time.

After all, your puppy wants to play with YOU and is excited for their time with their humans.

All of our dog parks are a great way to meet other owners and make friends, but they don’t make a great environment for children so keep those under the age of 10 out of the fenced area. We can’t wait to see you at the dog park soon!