black ferret (2F)These fuzzy friends can be very active and require a good amount of attention. Our sitters look forward to playing with these critters and learning all their quirks!

These babies can be caged or roaming free, and our sitters can care for them no matter how our clients house their furry ferret friends!

Standard Care we provide:

  • Refill/Refresh their water supply
  • Feed them (as directed by the pet parent)
  • Clean their crate(s)
  • Tidy Up any Messes or Ferret Accidents
  • Any other special care requests OR Care Regimen(s) you requirebrown ferret (2F)
  • Picture/Notes emailed

Other services included:

  • Rx Administration 
  • Gather Mail
  • Take trash out
  • Water Plants
  • Turn Lights on/off
  • Rotate Blinds, etc…

See DCCS Service Prices here.

~If on Vacation or Away for an extended time:


MINIMUM VISITS: Once Dailygrey ferret (2F)


Devoted Care When You’re Not There!
Pets stay home… We come to them!