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Dogs are normally very social creatures that thrive on human attention and interaction, and we love to give them our time. Some dogs like walks, some need to get their wiggles and zoomies out, some need their yard time with a good game of fetch ball. We provide all of this and more. Choose one of the 3 daily services that works best for your pup!


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Choose one of our premier services & save!

  • Potty Breaks – Quick 10 minute break, complete with treats and lots of TLC!
  • Basic Breaks – We provide 20 minute walk, feeding & Rx if needed. *We are currently not providing this service. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  • Overnight Serviceschoose between the Oaks or Derby Overnight service. Best for dogs with separation anxiety and/or medical needs.


Devoted Care When You’re Not There!
Pets stay home… We come to them!