B.A.R.K. DOG PARENT COACHING is how Vivian does Dog Training.

Want to communicate better with your dog? Do you know the language of BARK?

Vivian has found that when most dog parents seek dog training, what they are really seeking is some comprehensive dog knowledge. More specifically, dog language. Dogs don’t always need training, their humans need to bone-up on their B.A.R.K. language. With this vital and comprehensive dog knowledge, Vivian has helped many dog parents fix minor and major pet problems, quickly.

Vivian teaches her dog parents how to communicate better with their pups.
Most issues can be fixed with this simple knowledge of dog communication.
 She shows dog parents how to make some subtle changes to daily routines, commands and house arrangements that help resolve most issues, the same day!

Vivian is now providing these in-home assessments at a great rate. She has also set up this exclusive service to help pet parents everywhere, through her zoom session appointments!
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The In-Home Assessment Service is for all dog parents!

During the In-Home Assessment, Vivian addresses any behavioral issues, i.e. pets not getting along, unknown triggers that can’t be figured out, and boundary issues. Vivian also provides brief & customized dog parent coaching during these sessions. This service is mainly geared to solve the issues that are being experienced. The education portion is much too dense, but Vivian definitely lets you in on some of the easy to remember tips & tricks.

We highly advise signing up for her B.A.R.K. Class – Beginner – to learn the Dog Parent Basics.
This class will be available starting Spring 2022.

Really want to have a better relationship with your furbaby? Plus, the added Dog Training Skills?

Check out our Loyal B.A.R.K. Assessment, coming soon, with Canine Master Trainer, Katy Love with Loyal K9 Training! 
You get both the B.A.R.K. home assessment, plus the added advantage of having a certified trainer, give you customized skills to apply immediately. It’s a WIN! WIN!

Adopted recently? Experiencing some issues? Don’t pull your hair out. You got this, but Vivian can help!

Please call if you have just recently adopted your new fur-friend – Your Adoption Retention coupon is waiting!
Coupon valid for the 2 Hour In-Home Assessment, only.
Thanks again for Adopting and not Shopping! You are the real MVP!





Proficient Pet Parent looking for strictly dog training? Check out our PAWesome friend!

Canine Master Trainer, Katy Love

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